What new in Firebase 2022

Summary note of What's New in Firebase in Google I/O Extended Bangkok 2022 by @Jirawat Karanwittayakarn and Somjintana Korbut, 2 Firebase GDEs from Thailand.
  • 3M+ monthly active apps.
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Tool for Accelerate app development

firebase extension

  • Custom event (available some extensions)
    • enable event
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  • Fulltext search
      1. Setup Typesence Cluster & Add schema
      1. Install Extensions to sync data from Firestore
      1. Write search UI
  • Available in emulators

Cloud Functions

  • Environment variables
    • call variable from process.env.VARIABLE
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  • Cloud Secret Manager
    • sensitive key
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  • Cloud Function V2
    • based on GCS platform
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    • Firebase Alerts Events
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  • Changes and enhancements in Cloud Functions v2
    • Concurrent
    • Secure your callable and HTTP functions with a new CORS
    • Firebase Alerts events
    • Task Queue functions
    • Long-running In HTTP function (Up to 1-hour timeout)
    • Modern Javascript (config functions globally, objects, and modular imports)

Firebase Hosting

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  • Firebase Deploy to the rescue
    • Handle model web framework setup. Developer preview —> (Next.js, Angular)

Realtime database

  • Update new data viewer help to manage data type.
  • Performance when needed to explore all data.

Firebase + Flutter

  • 62% of Flutter developers use Firebase
  • Fully-supported Integration
  • Document
  • Customer Support
  • Firebase Crashlytics
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Firebase + Swift

  • use swift codebase.
    • without codable.
    • async/await function.

Firebase App Check

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  • filter all requests to your server.
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Run your app with confident

App distribution

  • share your app to test before launch your app.
    • new build available event.

Firebase Remote Config

  • Personalization
  • Use ML to predict config variable.

Performance Monitoring

  • Real-time alerts general availability
    • App start time
    • Network calls
    • Screen rendering
    • Web page loads
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